***The Quiet Ones***

Brooklyn's The Quiet Ones released their brilliant debut CD, Make Some Noise, in 2005 on their own Not Big Records. Andy Ure and Chris Anderson have created an album that is fantastic and fantastical, sweet and imaginative, full of instantly memorable tunes. Think very early Pink Floyd if they had the musical sensibilities of Sloan, and without quite so much lysergic acid diethylamide.

Side one of Make Some Noise (OK, OK...the first six songs, how's that?) could be any other band's greatest hits album. The CD, a quiet affair despite the title, kicks off with a couple of acoustic songs, but then the boys turn it up. Need a rockin' superhero anthem? Try "Ultrafoot". Want a Dadaist tune about fruit? There's "Magic Banana" (pronounced with a British accent, it's even better). Hey, "I Remember Purple" is destined to be the "Yesterday" for children...I'm not kidding.

The album ends with a nod to the Who's "A Quick One, While He's Away", by telling the epic story of a kid who, dissatisfied with the drink choices in his fridge, invents a dairy soda called "Fizzy Milk", only to bemoan his drinking the concoction in the awesomely sorrowful coda. Kids should guard their copies of this CD, because the grownups will want to sneak many, many listens.

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