a Musical Christmas

I just posted some photos from our Jingle Jangle Christmas event to the Delightful Sounds fan page on Facebook. If you would like to see them, click here. It was a great time of families making music together while celebrating a wonderful time of year. What a fantastic opportunity to create memories and learning that will last a lifetime for these children!

There are only a couple of weeks left until the start of the spring semester. You can view the schedule here, if you'd like to join us for a Kindermusik class. We'll be singing and dancing our way into the new year with lots of educational activities and music that is sure to be a hit at your home.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What did you say?

One of the most important skills you can teach your child is the skill of being a good listener. Without this vital skill, your child would find it difficult to develop social skills such as how to carry on a conversation, gain new vocabulary or properly pronounce words, or listen to the directions given in a classroom without being distracted. Music has been found to greatly enhance listening skills in young children.
  • Try going on a sound scavenger hunt with your child. This could be done with everyday sounds or by identifying the instruments in a particular song.
  • Sing silly songs with your child and encourage them to make up new silly words that would rhyme.
  • Encourage your baby to listen by allowing him to watch your face when talking to him. Sing simple songs and mimic his sounds if he tries to "sing" back to you.
  • Sing echo songs together. You can even make them up as you go along.

Friday Free-for-All # 23

Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck - Rockin', Rollin' and Ridin'

Frezza and band power through six new tunes and two remixes on their new EP Rockin', Rollin and Ridin'. From the powerpop of "Rock Like This" to the 5/4 funk rock of "Rocketship," Big Truck's new set of songs is full-on fun. Roscoe Orman (Sesame Street's Gordon) joins in on the movement/call-and-response song "Hey-O," while "Robot Dancer" provides kids with an electrodance workout. Things slow down only for the naptime ballad "Smiling Moon." The CD also comes with a video of "Big Truck."

Music Together - Lullabies

The staff of the Music Together program have produced several CDs of tunes they use in their classes, and Lullabies compiles the quietest of those. From popular standards like "My Bonnie," "Shenandoah," "Brahms' Lullaby," and "All the Pretty Little Horses" to lesser-known gems like "Raisins and Almonds," "Duermete Nino Bonito," "The Water is Wide," and "Shady Grove" the 18 covers and originals on Lullabies will softly soothe your little ones. Comes with a booklet that gives a short history of the songs, along with performance suggestions.

Parent's perspective

What are parents saying about Kindermusik classes? As a parent, I always check to see what other parents think about a class before signing up my children. I recently did a little blog research on the subject, and here's what I found.
"Ava Claire had so much fun wearing pajamas to Kindermusik! She really enjoys going to class each week! I really think it is helping her become even more of a genius! We signed her up for next semester too! Yay! "
Mrs. Odom said, "Kindermusik is a great way to aid in a child's development through music. My twin boys, Bailey and Carter, have been going to classes since they were 3 months old. Their smiles and laughter are evidence of their love of Kindermusik."

Capitol Mommy wrote, "Then I thought about what my favorite days of the week are. They are definitely "girl's days out". The days where B and I get out of the house and go on little adventures. Staying home with B is the most wonderful privilege and gift but some-days it make all the difference just to leave the house for a bit. So this week when we headed out to our weekly Kindermusik class I threw my little camera in the diaper bag so I could capture our day."
Over at Niemeyer Nest, "Evie was so excited to be at Kindermusik. She really likes it! You should check out a class in your area. Evie and I have tried a lot of classes and this is our very favorite. "

Why music?

As a musician, I never questioned my decision to teach my children about music from the day they were born. It was a natural thing for me, and it was also why I began a Kindermusik program at Delightful Sounds nearly seven years ago. Yet, as I have watched them grow and develop, I have come to realize exactly what a gift I gave them by starting so early. They both have a deep love of music. Yet, more than that, music study has shaped their development in other ways-social skills, improved IQ, problem solving/reasoning skills, creativity, language skills, and even physical development. In fact, music is the only thing I can think of that allows children to work on all areas of their development at once. It's been a special gift for me as well, as we share our love of music together!
If you've never tried a "mommy and me" music class with your child, check out www.kindermusik.com to download a free preview coupon.