Quick Tip for Musicians

Here is a Quick Tip for musicians from Andy Mason of New Mexico. Use this resource of fellow children's musicians when planning tours in different regions to get insights and recommendations about gigs, booking patterns, market trends, and perhaps even fee ranges.

Featured Artists - Brian and Terri Kinder

Brian and Terri Kinder

Brian Kinder is a singer/songwriter who, along with his wife, Ms Terri, performs rollicking goodtime concerts for kids. Their music is fun and invites audience participation, and is perfectly suited for libraries, schools, fairs, corporate family gatherings, churches, and birthday parties. Yes, Kinder is their real name. (Kinder, German word meaning children as in kindergarten). For rollicking good time music for kids, there is none finer than Brian and Terri Kinder.



Featured Artist - David Williams

David Williams

Emmy winning songwriter for his songs on PBS's BIG GREEN RABBIT, & ALA, & NAPPA winner. Over 30 million hits on YouTube. David Williams--songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, cartoonist, children's author with Random House (Grandma Essie's Covered Wagon, Walking to the Creek). "No one else writes animal songs like David Williams," Dirty Linen. "Williams works magic," Newsweek magazine.


Featured Artist - Andy Mason

Andy Mason

All year round Andy performs his award winning concerts for kids in schools, pre-schools, daycares, State Fairs, libraries, birthday parties, summer camps, after-school programs and festivals. Kids and parents alike love Andy's original music and interactive program that will have them singing, dancing, laughing and learning right from the very first song. Andy's many years as an educator are clearly visible in his concerts and his unique style will have children and teachers, parents and librarians shouting for more!


New Mexico

In the Groove

In our Kindermusik Family Time classes, we are talking about our daily routines - such as play time, mealtime, bath time and bed time. For some, routines are a natural process of everyday life. They enjoy making out schedules and sticking to them. Others, however, feel may find a traditional schedule too cumbersome for their flexible or free-spirited lifestyle. Routines are so important in the life of a young child. A schedule can:
  • build security since your child knows what to expect.
  • help parents stay organized and focused.
  • teach discipline and organizational skills to your children.
  • cut down on the incidence of "meltdowns" in young children.
If you find the idea of creating a routine daunting or frustrating, just remember that your schedule should be flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. They are not written in stone, so if something isn't working, change it! For a fun addition, you can create a visual schedule for your child by laying out pictures in the order they will come for the day. You can even laminate the pictures and add velcro for easy changes.

We are Kindermusik - Meet Sandra, Jake, and Alexa!

At what age did your child begin taking Kindermusik classes?

Both started around 6 months old.

Number of years you attended classes?

I attended for a year with Alexa who is now 5 and just started Kindergarten and have been going for 2 years with Jake who is 2 ½!

What is your favorite Kindermusik song?

Right now Jake loves ‘Here comes the choo choo train’ which he starts every time we go over railroad tracks. His sister has made up new words substituting trucks, aeroplanes and diggers for trains!

What is something that you’ve learned from your Kindermusik experience?

Even though they don’t seem to be paying attention they are taking it all in! Jake spends a lot of the class time running circuits around the room, but when I put the CD on he knows exactly what to do!

Tell us about a favorite Kindermusik moment with your child:

The smile on Jake’s face at his Kindermusik second birthday party - he had such a great time that day!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I think the Kindermusik classes, and in particular Ms Aimee, have given both of my kids a fantastic introduction into music that will always give them something to either calm them down, help them concentrate or just something to dance to!

If you would like to be one of our featured families, send us an email request by clicking here!

Sing your way through the week!

Looking for some fun on while shuttling your children around town? How about those long waits in the doctor's waiting area or the grocery store check out? Why not dance, march, skip, and stretch to the Kindermusik Radio app now available? Like their music and movement classes, the Kindermusik Radio app provides parents with a way to engage and interact with their children-while training the brain and soothing the soul.
Research shows that music helps children become better learners. Toddlers love to dance, swing and sing as they develop their motor and aural skills. Preschoolers strengthen nueral pathways by making up songs and rhymes as their imaginations run wild. With 5 stations to choose from, the Kindermusik app will give you access to over 100 tracks, the very finest and authentic reproductions of classic children's songs, nursery rhymes, and stories as well as Kindermusik originals. It also includes a parent-child activityfor every song that is designed to engage young listeners as well as stimulate early childhood development. Here is blog post of what one parent recently had to say about it.

The Kindermusik Radio App is available for iPhones and iPod Touches for $1.99 in the iTunes store. Try out Kindermusik Radio App TODAY! Or try out Kindermusik Radio LITE which offers one station with ten songs only for FREE. You'll be glad you did!