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Featured Artist - Amy Liz

Amy Liz
Wigton has over 25 years experience as a professional singer/songwriter and musician. When she became a mom she began performing children’s music in 2003 at her son’s preschool and discovered her natural gift of truly connecting with children and in turn unleashing her own silliness. She developed her own unique children’s edutainment program which she brings to preschools as well as elementary schools, libraries, summer camps, public and private events all around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amy sings interactive songs that range from the popular classics, original songs to those by contemporary children’s or even “big people” artists. Her finger puppet songs feature whimsical and cheerful characters set to colorful backdrops and miniature stage that is very popular with her audiences. She incorporates an energetic assortment of rhythm, creative movement, instruments, sign language, props and visuals to keep the children engaged, on their toes or playing the role of collaborator. With years of performance experience Amy knows how to keep her audiences entertained as well as teaching them about music & motion.

As an active volunteer for the non-profit organization, Bread & Roses Amy performs at rehabilitation shelters and day care centers that lack the funding for art programs. She also performs in children’s musical theater with the Marin County based Masque Unit Junior Theatre and played the lead role in the 2011 production of Pinocchio, no lie.

A veteran recording artist she has 4 adult albums to her credit she has just released her first children’s CD titled “Amy Liz Kid Hits” which is available on, itunes, and amazon. Click here: Amy Liz Kid Hits For album and song information.

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Two Great Musician Resources

Here are two great resources to help musicians with their businesses:

Featured Artist - Thad Beach

Thad Beach is a full-time entertainer, musician, songwriter, storyteller, and teaching artist.

As an entertainer for over 30 years, he has delighted audiences with his musical talent, humorous antics, wit, and easy-going style, eliciting audience participation and making each performance a spontaneous, unique and personal experience. Thad has performed primarily solo at festivals, libraries, schools and community gatherings throughout Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States and England.

As a musician, Beach is a versatile instrumentalist, performing on ukulele, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, jaw harp, and harmonica. Thad’s harmonica playing has won state championship honors in North Carolina and Kansas. His CD Harmonica Harvest fea­tures his talents playing tunes from around the world and has been described as “encompassing the complete range of the har­monica. A must-have album for listening or study.” (Al Eichler, Editor, The American Harmonica Newsletter). He also showcases instruments from his “Band in a Bucket.” The limberjack, washboard, bucket bass and other fun and unique musical devices, inspire young and old alike to get involved in music.

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Artist Showcases

Are you looking for children's musicians for your 2012 school year? Check out performance showcases and conferences nationwide. Many cities and states offer artist showcases through their Arts Councils and Division of the Arts and there are national showcases such as Performing Arts Exchange. Showcases offer numerous artists in 2-5 minute mini-concerts all in one place.

We Love Kindermusik

It's "We Love Kindermusik" week, and famililes around the country are helping us celebrate! Leave us a note on our facebook page to tell us what your family loves about Kindermusik!

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Simply "Be"!

I love the simplicity and freedom that children enjoy. They live each moment without a thought or concern of what the next moment will bring. We could learn a thing or two from that. We get so consumed with the details of our daily responsibilities and time constraints, that we forget to simply enjoy being in the moment with our children. Think you've mastered this skill? Take this quick test, and find out.
  1. You are leaving for a quick trip to the grocery store, and your toddler begins to insist on buckling her seat belt herself. You...
A. tell her you don't have time today. She can try next time. 
B. give her a couple of seconds to try on her own, before buckling it for her
C. wait as long as it takes for her to finish and celebrate the accomplishment.

    2.  You are surfing the net, and your 7 year old comes up to ask you a question. You...

A. ask him to come back later.
B. quickly answer the question without looking up.
C. stop what your doing, look into your child's eyes while listening, and then answer him.

    3.  You pick up your child from school, and just as she begins to tell you about her day, your cell phone rings. It's a friend that hasn't called you in a while. You...

A. answer the phone.
B. say "excuse me a moment" to your child and then answer the phone.
C. hit the silence button on the phone, so that you can better hear your child.

    4. You take your child to a library story time or other enrichment program where your friend also attends. You...

A. spend the whole time talking with your friend while your child plays with the other children.
B. interact with your child when you see they need assistance participating properly.
C. and your friend focus on enjoying each activity with your children together.

How did you do? If you chose 3-4 "C" answers, you are likely making the most of every opportunity to enjoy your children as they grow! If you had only 2 "C" answers, don't sweat it. There simply may be some times in your day that you need to re-focus. If you had 0-1 "C" answers, I challenge you to watch your child today and remind yourself how to live in the moment.