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I am so excited about a project I recently found out about from Kindermusik International! They are going to create a resource for their educators called "Kindermusik for Every Child". So what does this mean for you, you might ask? Well, for quite some time Delightful Sounds has been working with children who experience a variety of developmental delays or disabilities. With two certified Infant Toddler Developmental Specialists on staff, we have seen amazing progress in all areas of development with these very special children. I love the fact that we have been able to create an inclusive environment where every child is edified and esteemed.
A Kindermusik classroom is a fabulous place where all children can explore the wonderful world of music and gain skills while having fun! However, not all educators or parents have felt comfortable or ready to take this step. That's where "Kindermusik for Every Child" comes in. This resource will provide Kindermusik educators around the world with resources and ideas specific to all kinds of developmental challenges that children face. Armed with this information, we will be able to reach children of all abilities with the developmental benefits, bonding experiences, and just plain fun that our music classes provide!

So, how about it? Are you ready for Kindermusik? We're ready for YOU!

Meet Sarah and Anna

We Are Kindermusik!

At what age did your child begin taking Kindermusik classes?
Anna was nine months when we started taking Kindermusik classes.

Number of years you attended classes?
We have been attending classes for a year and a half.

What is your favorite Kindermusik song?
Oh, where do I begin? There are so many songs that we have enjoyed in all of the classes and continue to sing them on a daily basis. Anna loved the See Saw and Giddy-Up Horsey songs from the first classes we took. She still sings them to her dolls and babies that we see. Recently, Anna has enjoyed Yum Yum, Washing Machine, and the Scrub Scrub Scrub song (I like this song because my family room gets cleaned while it is playing).

What is something that you've learned from your Kindermusik experience?One of the things, I enjoy about Kindermusik classes are the mini-lessons provided during the class about how to use the songs to help your child learn or why we do certain movements to help them develop physically. For example, the importance of the stop-and-go songs and how they teach self control.

Tell us about a favorite Kindermusik moment with your child:
My favorite Kindermusik moment or moments with Anna are at home when we put on the CD from Carnival of Music, turn it up really loud, get out our instruments, and march around the house to Rhythm of the Band.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I feel that Anna’s Kindermusik experience has enhanced her language development and increased her vocabulary by singing.

I hope you've enjoyed this first edition of "We are Kindermusik", where you can get to know parents just like you and what they think about our children's music classes!

music fun

I was looking for one of our Kindermusik videos on YouTube today, and I found this instead. LOL It was not what I expected to find, but I couldn't resist sharing it anyway. We mix a lot of world music into our Kindermusik classes. It's such a great way to promote a love for music in your children as well as strengthen their understanding of a variety of rhythms and pitches. Feel free to dance along!

Featured Artist - Paul Behnke

Featured Artist - Paul Behnke

From Tavistock, Ontario, Canada, Paul Behnke's dynamic style and superb songwriting skills have caught the attention of those in the music industry. Paul's new album "Singing, Learning and Laughing" has been released across Canada by E.M.I. Music and Popular Records. It has also been honoured with a 2000 Parents' Choice Award. In 1998 Paul was nominated as "The Children's Songwriter/Entertainer of the Year", by the Entertainer Network of Nashville, Tennessee. Emerald Records were so impressed with Paul's children’s songs that they have released "We're All Different On The Outside" and "The Greatest Prehistoric Band" across North America and Europe. These hits can now be heard on radio stations throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.

Featured Artist - Randy's Music Jam

Featured Artist - Randy's Music Jam

Randy Sauer is a Children's Songwriter/Singer from Hays Kansas and he calls his show "Randy's Music Jam". Randy’s Music Jam is a fun and interactive music show for the entire family. Randy leads the audience in fun familiar songs and has the audience singing along with his original songs. Kids always enjoy jamming with Randy on stage with the inflatable instruments and rhythm instruments. Many of the songs will have the entire audience up out of their seats dancing to the music.

Randy has been performing at Libraries throughout Kansas, Malls, Town Festivals, Kansas Sampler Festival and the Midwest Kids Fest in Overland Park, KS. Randy has been teaching music for over 17 years and is very active in writing children’s music, performing and conducting music workshops.

Family Night at Schools

For several years, schools have been hosting Family Nights to encourage parent involvement in student learning in the school environment. Schools usually have Parent/Teacher Organizations as well for the same purpose, but Family Night offers a fun night out for the entire family. Schools now host Family Math Night, Family Literacy Night, Family Art Night, and so on.

The Family Night concept has become so popular with families that schools are hiring entertainers to provide storytelling, music, magic, and other arts to make the event even more special.

Next time you are planning a Family Night at your school, consider hiring a local musician. Our list of performers makes it easy to plan a special musical treat to liven up any Family Night.

About the Artists - Harpbeat!

Featured Artist - Harpbeat!

Harpbeat! celebrates the unique combination of harp and percussion instruments to entertain children. While singing, moving, and laughing with the music, children hear positive messages about themselves and the world we all share.

Harpbeat! brings many exciting aspects of our world to children by featuring foreign and sign languages within the songs. Musical styles and cultures from Australia to Zaire are explored through traditional and original songs.

Harpbeat! concerts offer a dynamic new twist to the stereotypical reputation of harp and drums. Donna brings the magic of music to children of all ages in her highly interactive, approachable, multicultural programs.

Harpbeat! appeals to children ages three to thirteen in small or large groups. Harpbeat! suits the length of its programs to suit your needs.

Harpbeat! was founded upon the conviction that children want to have fun while learning about their world. After all, the most beautiful music is the sound of children's laughter.

Sometimes you just need a moment!

In our Kindermusik classes, we have lots of fun playing stop and go games while singing and dancing. The children love the anticipation of waiting for the music or singing to stop so that everyone can freeze! It's usually a time filled with delighted eyes and lots of giggles, but... shhhhhhh.... don't tell anybody this. It's also a time filled with learning self control. Unfortunately, we humans aren't born with the skill of self control. It's an acquired skill that must be practiced repeatedly before mastered. (some of us are *still* learning) LOL
When children are around 18-24 months old, they begin to learn that they can make choices. Those choices aren't always the best choices either, especially when doing the wrong thing can seem so fun at the time! That's why practicing the skill of self control becomes so important. Make the learning fun by turning it into a game. Try these ideas for size:
  • Try some freeze dancing by stopping the music in unexpected places.
  • Play a game of follow-the-leader and include long pauses as one of the movements.
  • Sing songs that leave words or letters out, such as B-I-N-G-O.
  • When you see your child needs a moment, you can even sit down with them for a quick book or other relaxing activity.
Don't be afraid to set a good example, by taking your own "time outs" when needed. :)

Mind of my own - Frances England

Kindie rock that's mostly acoustic and sometimes folksy. It's gentle and almost delicate - the drums sound as if they're mostly played with brushes, and although these aren't lullabies Ms. England has a kind of lullaby voice. Having said that it is mostly upbeat in a very understated way, and there's the occasional almost lively track (like "Place in your heart" or "Vacation Delights").

The vocals are easy on the ear and there's some very capable guitar-playing. It's pretty melodic although a little lacking in hooks, and the lyrics can be hit-and-miss - some of the child's-perspective songs like "Cookies and Milk" aren't really convincing and others stray into adult-centric territory (like "Child teach me to be" and "Big heart") which I never really like on a kids record.

Not really blowing me away, but pretty good, and the song "Mind of my own" has been stuck in my head all afternoon.