The Self-less Child

As a teacher and parent, it concerns me when I see children who are lacking proper life skills necesarry for sucess in school and even later in life. I am always looking for ways to teach my children basic life skills like cooking and cleaning as well as skills like humility, a servant heart, and gratefulness. I recently read a great book called Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World. The book begins by describing parenting philosophies and why raising a "happy" child full of self-esteem may not be best for our children. This certainly peeked my curiosity. I had always thought of self-esteem as a good thing for children to have, but after reading this book, I have rethought some of my parenting beliefs.

Here's an excerpt from the overview on the Barnes & Noble website:
It's never too late to reshape your child's heart and develop a parenting plan that starts right where you are. Shining the light of reality on the failed self-esteem philosophy, Rigby will show you how to gently "bump" children off self-center and instill in them an others-centered heart and a healthy self-respect.

It's a great read, and I hope you enjoy "thinking" through this book as much as I did!

Featured Artist - Mary Lee Sunseri

MaryLee Sunseri is the producer / arranger / performer of 16 CD’s of traditional and original music. Her credits include appearing in the MGM Elvis Presley movie The Trouble With Girls, recording nursery rhymes for Mattel Toys' See 'N Say, touring America as a member of “Randy Sparks & The Back Porch Majority,” recording the title song to Walt Disney’s movie The Apple Dumpling Gang, singing back-up for Shirley Jones, opening act for Bill Cosby and Lily Tomlin, and many concert appearances with the legendary Burl Ives.

She received her certificate of study in Musical Theatre from London Drama School with distinction in singing. She performs many concerts for festivals, folk clubs, and corporate and academic groups annually. Ms. Sunseri is a frequent performer at public schools and libraries throughout California, Massachusetts and Washington, and gives workshops on music and infant brain development.

Check her out at


Back to School Concerts!

Gearing up for back to school? Pull out your brand new crisp school calendar and plan to have a children's musician perform a concert to celebrate the beginning of the new school year to set the positive tone for the entire year. Check out our list of great performers in your area and email them today!

Is she ready?

With the school year quickly approaching, many of you are busy making preperations to send your children off to elementary or pre-school for the first time. I have my own special memories of that time, but how do you know when they are ready for Kindergarten? Here's a great little checklist to find out. Kindergarten Readiness Checklist -
You can also check out our new Laugh & Grow class. Laugh & Grow was designed with Kindergarten readiness in mind. Each week your children will spend 2 hours in a structured class featuring:
  • phonics
  • counting skills
  • calendar skills
  • music
  • listening skills
  • fine motor activities
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