I believe! Do you?

In October, I will be attending the Kindermusik Convention in Chicago, Illinois. This year's theme is "Believe in Music". As a celebration of that theme, they have given parents and educators the opportunity to share why they believe in music. Some of the essays will be selected for audio-recording and will be featured on the convention website, at the Kindermusik Convention, and in additional projects. This project, along with some work I have been doing at a local foster home, have given me a lot to think about. I do believe profoundly in the power of music. It is a universal language that invokes emotions and passions understood without words. It unites us in joys and sorrows. It can bring us comfort when we are all alone, wash away our sadness, and stir hope deep within us. It is an outlet for our innermost feelings, and we find that we are not alone as a beautiful harmony is created with those that share our feelings. I am only one music teacher. I have questioned my ability, at times, to create something meaningful and lasting in the lives of the children I am privileged to work with, especially the ones who are hurting the most at that foster home. I can't change the world, but I do believe I can change it one child at a time, through the power of music. I believe in music! Do you?

Submit your written essay on why you believe in music, between 300 and 500 words, to the e-mail address info@kindermusik.com. Send a photo of yourself with your essay. Please submit essays by Friday, July 27th.

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