Sing your way trhough the week!

In Kindermusik, we sing a lot of songs. Some are familiar and others are not, but one thing is for sure, everyone always seems to have a favorite. I often laugh at the stories I hear of moms and dads from class realizing that they are singing one of these songs as they are going about their work. In the same way that laughter is a stress reducer, so is music and singing. Music can be a great way to ease the transition from one activity to another in your child's daily schedule or diffuse a potentially stressful situation. For example, you could use the song "This is the way" to create a fun parade marching to the bathtub. Just as easily, you can change the words for brushing your teeth or washing you hands. Think of how many times a quiet lullaby has soothed you and your child at the same time. I look forward to seeing your posts on ways that music has affected your daily schedule.

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