Going Over the Sea

We've been singing a song in our toddler music class called "Going Over the Sea". The refrain of the song says, "Going over, going under, stand at attention like a sailor with a 1,2,3". We usually grab some scarves and shake them over or under our bodies as we sing and march around. Songs like this are a great way to work on "positional" words like over, under, through, between, or beside. Your child will need a solid understanding of these types of words to be ready for success in Kindergarten. If you are not familiar with this particular song, you could create a similar experience at home by moving according to the words of other songs you may know with "positional" words or join a local Kindermusik class with your child to learn lots of great songs and activity ideas that will increase your child's development! Be sure to ask about your free preview!

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