Mile marker 6-12

If you have a child in this age range, chances are you are daily amazed at the new skills they learn. I remember thinking that mine learned things while they were sleeping! A six to twelve month old child is gaining mobility and cognitive awareness in a variety of ways. These new skills will bring about a lot of changes in social development as well. Here are a few things to look for:
  • Your child's love of interactive games, such as finger plays, will increase. You will even see them beginning to imitate some of the movements from their favorites!
  • They typically begin to show preferences for certain people, places, or objects. For this reason, you may notice separation anxiety increasing.
  • Your baby will use their new found mobility to explore their surroundings with enthusiasm. Time to baby-proof the house!! :)
  • You may begin to see the initial stages of parental testing with regards to bed time, feeding, or other boundaries you have set.
As your child grows and learns, you will find that each stage carries with it, it's own joys and struggles. I encourage you to embrace each moment, as you enjoy learning more about your child and his or her strengths and abilities.

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