Parenting in a Microwave World

In the 1950s, Swansons put out the first ever, TV dinner. Along with the invention of the counter top microwave oven, this was the beginning of a new age in American history-the age of convenience. Fast forward 60 years, and you will find a society saturated in convenience and ease- convenience foods, computers small enough to fit in your pocket, drive through banks, drive through drugstores, and even drive through wedding chapels!
Has this plethora of conveniences affected our expectations for being a successful parent? You bet! There are some great tools out there that can make being a parent much quicker and easier than life in the 1950s. However, parenting isn't always effortless or convenient. Sometimes life is extraordinarily challenging. It requires sacrifice, selflessness, patience, and perserverance. For these character traits there is no "easy button". When faced with a challenge, whether in parenting or elsewhere, don't be afraid to go for the long haul. Facing life with grace and honesty is one of the best lessons you can teach your child about being successful, and when you fail (not if) use it as an opportunity to teach your child how to make it right and move on.

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