Sometimes you just need a moment!

In our Kindermusik classes, we have lots of fun playing stop and go games while singing and dancing. The children love the anticipation of waiting for the music or singing to stop so that everyone can freeze! It's usually a time filled with delighted eyes and lots of giggles, but... shhhhhhh.... don't tell anybody this. It's also a time filled with learning self control. Unfortunately, we humans aren't born with the skill of self control. It's an acquired skill that must be practiced repeatedly before mastered. (some of us are *still* learning) LOL
When children are around 18-24 months old, they begin to learn that they can make choices. Those choices aren't always the best choices either, especially when doing the wrong thing can seem so fun at the time! That's why practicing the skill of self control becomes so important. Make the learning fun by turning it into a game. Try these ideas for size:
  • Try some freeze dancing by stopping the music in unexpected places.
  • Play a game of follow-the-leader and include long pauses as one of the movements.
  • Sing songs that leave words or letters out, such as B-I-N-G-O.
  • When you see your child needs a moment, you can even sit down with them for a quick book or other relaxing activity.
Don't be afraid to set a good example, by taking your own "time outs" when needed. :)

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