In the Groove

In our Kindermusik Family Time classes, we are talking about our daily routines - such as play time, mealtime, bath time and bed time. For some, routines are a natural process of everyday life. They enjoy making out schedules and sticking to them. Others, however, feel may find a traditional schedule too cumbersome for their flexible or free-spirited lifestyle. Routines are so important in the life of a young child. A schedule can:
  • build security since your child knows what to expect.
  • help parents stay organized and focused.
  • teach discipline and organizational skills to your children.
  • cut down on the incidence of "meltdowns" in young children.
If you find the idea of creating a routine daunting or frustrating, just remember that your schedule should be flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. They are not written in stone, so if something isn't working, change it! For a fun addition, you can create a visual schedule for your child by laying out pictures in the order they will come for the day. You can even laminate the pictures and add velcro for easy changes.

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