Featured Artist - Thad Beach

Thad Beach is a full-time entertainer, musician, songwriter, storyteller, and teaching artist.

As an entertainer for over 30 years, he has delighted audiences with his musical talent, humorous antics, wit, and easy-going style, eliciting audience participation and making each performance a spontaneous, unique and personal experience. Thad has performed primarily solo at festivals, libraries, schools and community gatherings throughout Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States and England.

As a musician, Beach is a versatile instrumentalist, performing on ukulele, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, jaw harp, and harmonica. Thad’s harmonica playing has won state championship honors in North Carolina and Kansas. His CD Harmonica Harvest fea­tures his talents playing tunes from around the world and has been described as “encompassing the complete range of the har­monica. A must-have album for listening or study.” (Al Eichler, Editor, The American Harmonica Newsletter). He also showcases instruments from his “Band in a Bucket.” The limberjack, washboard, bucket bass and other fun and unique musical devices, inspire young and old alike to get involved in music.

Check him out at www.thadbeach.com

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