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Recently on our Facebook page, we focused on the parenting topic of multi-sensory learning. Using all of the senses for learning helps your child to better retain the information gained from the experience. It requires active participation in the learning process and engages the whole child. There are lots of great ways to use this approach to enhance listening skills with your children. This vital skill helps your child develop social skills such as conversational skills, new vocabulary or proper word pronounciation, or listening to directions in a classroom setting. Music has been found to greatly enhance listening skills in young children. Try a few of these ideas out at home!

  • Go on a sound hunt with your child. As you "spy" different sounds, see if your child can identify the sound and mimic it.
  • Sing silly songs with your child and encourage them to make up new silly words that would rhyme. 
  • Leave out a word or phrase in a familiar song and enocurage your child to fill in the blanks as they sing along.
  • Encourage your baby to listen by allowing him to watch your face when talking to him. Sing simple songs and mimic his sounds if he tries to "sing" back to you.
  • Sing echo songs together. You can even make them up as you go along.

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