Featured Artist - Betsy Stern

Betsy Stern

I am a native of Berkeley, California, and grew up performing with my dad, a pianist and composer whose songs were published by Disney and also used on "Captain Kangaroo." My dad passed onto me a huge repertoire of music, from children’s to Jazz and Blues to World. I specialize in music from around the world, to reach multicultural audiences. I grew up with this music and love sharing it with kids and their grown-ups because the rhythm is so strong and fun, and it presents a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty and importance of the world’s many cultures.

I play double bass, requinto, guitar, and several other instruments – and I also sing. I can bring rhythm instruments for the kids to play. I tour and perform throughout the United States. I am available for concerts, fairs, festivals, library events, museum events, holiday celebrations, corporate events, weddings, school assemblies, workshops in classrooms, music in healthcare settings, music presentations and classes in preschools and daycares, children's birthday parties, and family events.


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