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Sorry I haven't written in a while. Things have really been busy here the last week. Let's get back to our discussion on "love languages". Language #3 is quality time. All children need quality time with their parents, but for a child whose love language is quality time, it is even more important. As a working parent, I understand the struggle to balance family and work. So many working and even non-working parents get caught up in a guilt trip over time spent with their children. Is it enough time? Am I meeting their needs? Well rather than get all in a dither, here are a few observations I have learned from the love languages book and my own experiences.

  • There is no magic number with how much time you should spend with your children. Use your knowledge of your child to assess how much time you think they need, and do your best to meet that goal.

  • Make sure the time you spend with your child is on their developmental level and in an area of interest to them.

  • Try to spend time with each of your children individually.

  • Make good eye contact and give your child your full attention when playing. This not only shows them that they are important to you, but teaches them how to treat others as well.

  • Sometimes children go through phases of needing more time than usual from a parent. This isn't a reflection of a job poorly done, so don't feel guilty. Accept that it is just a phase and adapt your time as necesarry.

  • If you're busy with a task and your child is needing your attention, stop and give them 15 minutes of uninterrupted time. This shows them that they are important to you, and you will be able to then complete the task with a guilt free mind afterwards.

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