Friday Free-for-All # 1

Here are the kids' music CDs I've received over the past week. I've included links to the artists' home pages and sites where the CDs can be sampled and purchased. Have fun!

Suzi Shelton, No Ordinary Day

Her second solo CD for children includes covers of Dylan and Bowie. Well-produced pop songs about real-life kid issues. Several of these songs would fit right in on a tween soundtrack.

Thaddeus Rex, Shakin' in Chicago

The third CD from T. Rex. This Windy City-themed album features Pinetop Perkins and Koko Taylor on one track, and includes a cover of "25 or 6 to 4"! Kinda like a mix of The Violent Femmes, Natalie Merchant, and PBS Kids.

Rebecca Frezza, Special Kind of Day

Rebecca's fourth kids' CD, in keeping with the "day" theme that seems to be forming here. I guess you can't have just a plain old day... Similar to Suzi's CD, but with more electric guitars.

Daddy A Go Go, Rock of All Ages

The sixth CD from John Boydston includes homages to Joey Ramone, Chuck Berry, and the Royal Guardsmen. And his teenage sons help with the rockin'! Guitars and jokes galore.

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