Friday Free-for-All # 2

Music is just flying out of the mailbox:

Steven Zelin, Magical Boxes

The "Singing CPA" presents his first CD for kids, a collection of Toddler classics and original tunes. This native New Yorker's style is a little too precious for my taste, but if you need to supplement your preschool music stash, go for it.

Wendy Gelsanliter, I'm Hungry, I Need a Bandaid

The third kids' CD from this educator and current New Yorker. Lower-Elementary children would dig Wendy's original songs of kids' everyday highs and woes, expertly performed by her low-key rock band. Also includes covers of Guthrie's "Pick It Up" and Drake, Hoffman, & Livingston's "Mairzy Doats", with illustrations by G. Brian Karas.

Gunnar Madsen, I'm Growing

An amAAAAAzingly inventive bunch of songs from this Berkeley-based composer, performer, and filmmaker, and his third CD for kids. The stacks of vocals are what make this album shine brighter than most children's CDs, sounding at times like the Beach Boys on uberBroadway steroids. Brilliant songwriting and performances!

Key Wilde, It's So Good

If this EP's ska title song and punky "Favorite Names" are any indication of what to expect from a full-length release, you should keep your eye on these Brooklynites. Songwriting team Key Wilde and Richard Clarke (aka Mr. Clarke) have been in the music biz for a while, but have only just now recorded songs for kids. Tongue-in-cheek fun.

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