The calming touch

It's astounding how many children now suffer from Autism and sensory processing disorders. Sensory dysfunction can result in over-stimulation or under-stimulation to touch, taste, smell, sight, or sounds. These children often feel overwhelmed when dealing with the stimulation of their day-to-day environment and have difficulty staying on task. However, studies are showing that DPTS, Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation, can help alleviate some of this anxiety as well as enhance the ability to focus and sleep. Some examples of DPTS would be massage, joint compression, brushing with a therapeutic brush, swaddling in a blanket, and wearing pressure vests. If you would like more information about DPTS, you can find some great information on the web. If you have concerns about your child, you should refer to your local Occupational Therapist or Developmental Pediatrician for an accurate diagnosis.

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