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I decided to plant a butterfly garden here at my house. I have lots of butterfly plants to enjoy at the studio. Our Kinder-Gardeners have really enjoyed exploring the variety of plants, caterpillars, and butterflies we have there. They have also been able to do some planting of their own to take home. Here's a fun project for making plant people that you can try together at home.

Materials Needed:
Old panty hose, any color
Grass seed
Soilless potting mix
Shallow dish
Craft supplies (e.g., pompoms, felt, chenille craft sticks, wiggle eyes)
Craft glue

1. Cut a 6- to 8-inch-long piece of panty hose. If your piece does not include a toe, then knot one end of the hose and turn it inside out. It will end up looking like a little bag.
2. Scoop 2 to 3 teaspoons of grass seed into the closed "bag." Fill the rest of the hose with potting mix and tie the hose closed. Use your hands to gently manipulate the ball into a head shape.
3. Place the head in a shallow dish with the grass seed end facing up. Use craft pieces such as wiggle eyes, buttons, pompom balls, felt, and chenille sticks to make eyes, nose, mouth, and arms. Attach with craft glue.
4. After glue has dried, carefully water your new plant person until the soil is thoroughly moist and place in a warm location. Check daily to make sure soil stays moist. If it dries out quickly you can keep a reservoir of water in your dish. Within 3 to 5 days your plant person will begin to grow hair!
Once the hair is established you can give him/her a hair cut, or just let it grow and see how long it will get. If you have time and supplies, make a whole family of plant people!

Courtesy the National Gardening Association's Kids Gardening Web site.

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