Healthy and Happy

Delightful Sounds has joined in Kindermusik International’s Healthy & Happy initiative which is created to help protect you and your children from the spread of viruses like the H1N1 flu (also known as the “Swine Flu”). As cold and flu season approaches we want to do our part to ensure a healthy classroom environment for everyone.

By collecting facts, checklists, and prevention tips from the Centers for Disease Control, Kindermusik is making sure we are more prepared than ever to provide an environment much less likely to allow viruses to spread.

• We are disinfecting toys and instruments at CDC standards to prevent transmission.
• We have added hand sanitizer distribution to each child at the start and end of each class (under parent supervision with younger children).
• We receive updated information on virus prevention and trends from the CDC.

Your child’s health and happiness are important to us at Delightful Sounds. I hope you and your child will make plans to join us for a music class today!

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