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Do you tweet? You can now follow Delightful Sounds on Twitter. You can also become a fan of Delightful Sounds on Facebook. It's a great way to keep up with all that's going on with Delightful Sounds. Here's what a few parents had to say recently about their respective Kindermusik classes via Twitter.

libraryina: took Charlie to his 1st Kindermusik class. He drooled, sucked on my finger and smiled...a success, I think!

Suthurnbel: enjoyed watching Owen at his first Kindermusik class w/o Katelyn. He LOVED it and was all over the place!! So fun!

LadiesofReggae: KinderMusik @ NU here comes our family!!! I already have a 1 1/2yr old musical genius so I better get that skill perfected now!

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