What did you say?

One of the most important skills you can teach your child is the skill of being a good listener. Without this vital skill, your child would find it difficult to develop social skills such as how to carry on a conversation, gain new vocabulary or properly pronounce words, or listen to the directions given in a classroom without being distracted. Music has been found to greatly enhance listening skills in young children.
  • Try going on a sound scavenger hunt with your child. This could be done with everyday sounds or by identifying the instruments in a particular song.
  • Sing silly songs with your child and encourage them to make up new silly words that would rhyme.
  • Encourage your baby to listen by allowing him to watch your face when talking to him. Sing simple songs and mimic his sounds if he tries to "sing" back to you.
  • Sing echo songs together. You can even make them up as you go along.

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