Fund Raisers

As you well know, most children's musicians have CDs and videos to sell after their performances. What you might not know is that musicians are often willing to work with schools and venues to sell their CDs and videos to raise money for the schools or venues.

For example, prior to the musician's performance at the school, an order form can be sent home with each student to purchase the musician's merchandise in advance. The school then lets the musician know how many pre-orders have been placed so that the musician can bring enough merchandise to fill the orders on the day of the performance. The musician then gives the school a previously agreed upon percentage of the sales back to the school as a fund raiser for the school.

In the case of an organization, a manned merchandise table may be provided for the musician free of charge before, during and after a performance, and the musician gives the venue a percentage of the sales.

In the case of a venue with a gift shop, the venue can purchase the merchandise from the musician at a wholesale price and sell the merchandise in the gift shop before, during and after the performance.

These are just a few ideas of how creating a musician/venue partnership can be mutually beneficial. Some musicians rely on merchandise sales and cannot afford to give a percentage away, but if the venue or school can guarantee a larger number of sales than the musician can get on his/her own after the performance, creating a fund raising partnership may be worth it. It never hurts to ask.

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