Captain Bogg and Salty - Emphatical Piratical

I love these guys! Funny, sing-able, dance-able genre-hopping pirate songs. Whenever I put on a CD for grown-ups in the house they think it's my own band, that's how up my street this is.

Check out these lyrics, spoken by a native of Frogg Island (the pirate's hideaway) in a "native" accent:

"When we come to the Frogg Island, no-one was here.
Only the purple tiki was here.
We ask the purple tiki 'Where we build village?'
'What berry we eat no make us throw up?'
The purple tiki no answer.
The purple tiki never answer.
The purple tiki only listen."

Haha! It's one of the kids' favourites too.

I'll be putting this up for sale on the site soon, in the meantime click here to buy their previous album "Pegleg Tango" which is also great.

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