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I was recently read an article about how listening to music affects musicality. Originally, it was thought that musical ability was shaped by intense musical training. However, the study showed that people who listened to music performed equally as well in certain musical tasks as those who were trained musicians.
So how does this relate to you and your family? I have often said here that early and varied exposure to music is an important part of a child's development. Music is such a powerful tool, because it is available to everyone, regardless of ability. In fact, it is one of the few activities I can think of that can enhance all areas of development at once. Whether that exposure is in a music class, at home, or in the car, it increases your child's development in the following ways:
  • The varied rhythms and sounds will increase your child's analytical and sequencing skills.
  • Listening to a variety genres increases your child's love of music as a whole.
  • Music listening and singing are proven to increase language skills.
  • Enjoying music as a family can strengthen emotional and social development through bonding and interaction.
  • Dancing and playing instruments increases your child's gross and fine motor development.

So go ahead and enjoy listening to some great music with your child today!

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