About the Artist - Mister Chandler

I have decided to let you know a little bit about the artists listed in the resource Blog. I will start with the artist I added today and slowly make my way through the list.

Today's featured artist is - Mister Chandler

Mister Chandler is a first grade teacher in Northern Virginia. Many years ago, OK - not that many, he was inspired by his brother to learn to play acoustic guitar. A year later he was inspired by a colleague to use it in the classroom. According to her, it would make the job and the students' day more fun, right? Right! Ever since that first attempt to play a song in class, Mister Chandler has been writing songs straight from the curriculum he teaches. Colleagues from other grade levels have asked him to write and record songs for them, too. These days, if he has to teach it, he's instantly thinking about how to play and sing it as well! He hopes you think about purchasing his new CD, "Songs From Room 8" for primary aged students, but even more, he hopes you find new ways to use music in the classroom!

He has a new CD so check him out at http://www.misterchandler.com/

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