It's all about perspective!

If you're raising a gifted child, the following quote should make a lot of sense to you.

'If we say that all people look at the world through a lens, with some lenses cloudy or distorted, some clear, and some magnified, we might say that gifted individuals view the world through a microscope lens and the highly gifted view it through an electron microscope. They see ordinary things in very different ways and often see what others simply cannot see.' (Linda Silverman)

Have you ever wondered why your gifted child seems so different? Why can't they watch the same TV shows or enjoy the same music without getting upset or overstimulated. Why is consistency in their routine so much more important than with that of their peers? The answer in one simple word-perspective! In the same way that you would get a totally different perspective by looking at the world each day through a microscope as opposed to wearing glasses, a gifted child sees everything around him in a different light. There's an old saying, "Never judge a man, unless you've walked a mile in his shoes." I've found that looking at things from my gifted children's perspective has truly helped me to better understand and parent them.

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