Feel the Music

In the last five weeks, we have been studying the link between emotions and music in our preschool music class, Feel the Music. It has been so interesting to watch the children explore this very important skill of understanding and expressing their emotions. From about two years old through young elementary school age, children begin to experience a wide range of emotions and need practice in identifying and understanding what they are feeling or what they may see others feeling.

Music is a great way to work on this at home. It can invoke a wide range of emotions. Choose a variety of musical styles and beats, then talk about how the music makes you feel. What sort of facial expressions would go with this song? You could even look for faces in a magazine or book that would match the mood. How does the music make you want to move? When using the whole body to explore the learning experience, you equip your child to be a better learner and encourage their ability to read body language, so go ahead and "feel the music"!

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