when the going gets tough...

I recently received this email from a Kindermusik family. At first her daughter was not receptive to our music classes. She pretty much cried her way through the first one or two classes. I know this mother probably wanted to stop coming, but I'm so proud that she didn't. Because she stayed, I was privileged to watch an incredible transformation with this beautiful child! She soon looked forward to coming every week and participating with the other children. I think this mother's testimonial speaks of how important persistence can be when teaching our children new skills. Here's what she had to say.

"In the last 4 months I've watched a a very non-social non-verbal little girl with AS transform into a funny, happy and somewhat outgoing toddler who loves to sing and dance, and who is happy to be in other childrens company. I'm utterly convinced that a lot of her development has come from attending kindermusik, and both myself and Tony are thrilled with how she's doing. We sing the songs we learnt at kindermusik ALL the time, just last night she was singing "sweetly sings the donkey" in the bathtub and this morning she was singing "toys away....toys away" as she was cleaning up her playroom. The very fact that she now follows instructions and cleans up her playroom when asked is just mind-blowing for us."

Still not sure if a children's music class is right for you? Why not try one out for free and see for yourself.

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