Pop Fly - Justin Roberts

Whoa! This guy sure knows how to write a melody. The title track is first, an upbeat tune about the difficulties of concentrating on your baseball-playing when there are loads of interesting things around you to look at like dandelions and clouds. It's catchy indie-rock-ish fun (reminding me a tiny bit of Weezer) and then BANG the chorus hits and the horns kick in and you know you're in for a treat.

The lyrics are mostly very suburban America, with baseball and "crossing guards" and "kickboards", but you can still find plenty that's relevant to a rural Irish child - like "Henrietta's Hair" about a girl who hates getting her hair brushed (I know you can't read much yet Isabelle, but this is directed at you), and "Giant Butterflies" about a kid's anxiety on the first day at school The band is top-notch, the recording is great and boy does Justin Roberts have the tunes. A first-class kids record.

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