Song of the Unicorn - Classical Kids

A story set in Arthurian times (or at least with some of the King Arthur characters in it) about 2 children looking for unicorns so they can magically heal their mother of an unspecified but life-threatening ailment. The soundtrack is medieval and renaissance music.

What is it about the lesser Classical Kids CDs and people banging on about the power of "myoosic" in the stories? The music should speak for itself, surely, we don't need to be told how great it is. There's a scene here with Merlin conjuring up images of not-yet-invented instruments like clarinets from a magic fire and getting excited about "myoosic" that's particularly irritating.

I found this pretty boring - neither the story nor the music did much for me. Put it on for Isabelle in the car and turned it off half way through, and she didn't even notice.

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