The Little Mermaid Soundtrack

This sounds very much like a recording of a West End musical, which I find quite off-putting. It's hard to put my finger on what exactly I don't like, but it somehow sounds "stagey" in comparison to some of the old-school Disney stuff (like Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book, say), and the performers don't sound like they're having much fun.

I have to admit the music is good - especially the instrumental tracks - but I can't say I actually really like any of the songs particularly apart from the very first ("Fathoms below"). Isabelle loves the movie, and really likes "Part of your world" and "Kiss the girl" and the "Ahh-ahh-ahh" part of "Poor unfortunate souls" (where Arial is giving up her voice to Ursula) but while I can see that these are well put together songs they don't really do anything for me.

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